Mazda RX7 C-West

I finally converted my RX7 C-West to GTA IV. Remember that you have to edit the “vehicle.ide” file and insert the line from the text file included in the mod to have a working extra skin or you can just add the voice +livery to your line. This version has an updated HD skin.Go and burn some tires drifting. These are all the details of the car:

  • C-West bodykit
  • Rays Gram Light 57 Pro
  • Extra spoiler
  • Extra roof
  • Extra skin
  • C-West mats
  • Greddy brake calipers

Thanks KamiKaz for the 3D model of the rim.

And here you can find an HD version of the C-West skin with an alpha background so you can use the in-game car colors. (I suggest to use the color id: #81)

1423674058_GTAIV20150211174640321  GTAIV_2015_02_11_18_42_28_746