Mazda RX7 Tunable for Grand Theft Auto V
v1.3 Build 166

3D Model by THQ
Converted from Juiced 2 HIN by Neos7
Extra roof
Extra stock spoiler
Extra sunstrip
Templates for all the bodykits
3D work by Wiik (rear lights and bumper lights)

You can add you custom livery in the .ytd as extra livery
The textures must be named as “skin_sign_x” where x is a number.
As you can see the skin_sign_1 and skin_sign_2 are already being used by 2 of my skins, you can replace them or add more.

On the pop-up headlights version, you can open them opening the Back Left Door.
The modkit id value used is “700” so, if you use another mod which uses the same number, you should edit it in both carcols.meta and carvariations.meta for this mod or the other.
Same for the lights, the id value used are “700” and “701”

Tunable parts:
4 Hoods
8 Spoilers
9 Front Bumpers
9 Rear Bumpers
9 Skirts
6 Exhausts
1 Widebody (“rollcage” menu)
1 Couple of mirrors (“windows” menu)

Spawn names:
“rx7tunable” for the custom headlights version
“rx7tunable2” for the pop-up headlights version

From the update 1.2 the model includes some 3D work, so I’ve decided to lock the model.
If you want an unlocked model you can still use the v1.1 or the previous versions. (You can find them on my blog)
Feel free to edit the v1.1 at your own wish and upload it where you want, credits will be appreciated.

new wheels (tire+rim+disc+calipers)
increased wheel size
some minor textures fix
replace version (banshee) included

Most of the skins you see in the pics can be found here on gta5-mods, the others are from my old mods for GTA4.
You can download a .ytd file that includes most of them here

D1SL Livery
RunFree Livery
Fast&Furious Livery
Tsunami Livery


Mazda RX7 Tunable

Mazda RX7 Tunable